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» I am following Billy Graham's "Hope for Each Day" Bible reading schedule. One of the first readings was the account of the fall in the Garden of Eden. In the NIV it states the serpent was more crafty than the other animals and that he spoke to Eve. How does this become "the devil tempted Eve"? Nowhere does it say the devil was behind this temptation, at least in Genesis. Thanks.

» I am 58 years old. I have been baptized, celebrated first reconciliation, and was confirmed and married in a Catholic church. I left the Catholic church 30 years ago, but never ever lost my faith in God. There was something missing. I have been to church in a Lutheran church several times. Everything makes sense to me, and everyone is so nice. I would like to join the Lutheran church I have been going to. Would I be accepted into their congregation? And what would I have to do, if so?

» My ex is considering remarriage to another person. We divorced not because of any adultery or abuse. I tried to reconcile to her before the divorce was final, but to no help. Question: can her new marriage be in a WELS church? She is now living with this person and thinks there is nothing wrong with this since they are in love.

» How do I obtain a copy of the "new" 95 Theses?

» Do we ever anoint with oil a person who is sick or use anointing with oil at any other time? If so what kind of oil? I am thinking of verses like James 5:13-15, Mark 6:13.

» I was (am) of the belief that Adam (Eve) was the only one with the option of free will. I was told recently that once a person comes to faith they now have free will. Is that true?

» What is the role of the 10 Commandments for WELS Lutherans? For New Testament Christians? Does the WELS agree with Paul?

» Is it wrong to disinherit an adult child that is living in open and unrepented sin and you know that the money would be used for sinful habits? God says that we need to be good stewards and leave an inheritance for our children. Would it not be better to leave that money to a church or another area that would help the spreading of the gospel?

During Christmas and Epiphany our attention is on getting to know Jesus, who he is and how he works. ~ Supplementary Lectionary