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» I am struggling with my two sisters with their lifestyles and decisions. One sister has chosen to marry a Muslim man. She told me she doesn't follow all of her husband's beliefs and she still likes to follow Christmas traditions and believes that Jesus existed but not the many things the Bible tells about his good works. My other sister commits many crimes, does not attend church but says she follows Jesus. I have tried many times to get my sisters to follow more of a Christian path, while I myself do not claim to be without sin and do not know how they feel in their heart about Jesus. Is it wrong for me to want to distance myself from them and also keep my two young children away from them so they do not see the lifestyles in which they lead ? Thank you.

» This past Sunday our pastor denied Communion to the president of our congregation. The only reason given was that until differences between the pastor and the president are resolved, he is not allowed to attend Holy Communion. For now, my question is this, does WELS support this pastor's decision in using Lord's Supper as a threat to gain his own way (the pastor's) or be denied God's Holy Sacraments that promise us forgiveness, life, and salvation? Ever?

» When do people who die enter heaven: when the soul leaves the body or at the "pearly gates"?

» Did Old Testament people go to heaven when they died?

» Are people who don't believe in the real presence in Communion condemned to hell? It is hard for me to believe that my very devout daughter-in-law who is Methodist is going to hell because the church that she is a member of doesn't believe in the real presence. I have always felt that it is your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior that is your way to heaven.

» My husband is Catholic and is under the impression that any believer that died before Jesus was waiting in a "holding place" until Jesus rose. Can you give some insight in what WELS teaches regarding Old Testament believers and if they truly did go straight to heaven.

» I have been doing a lot of research on the topic of veganism and have tried multiple times to come up with a more concrete answer. What I am wondering is if this type of diet is okay for me to consume on a daily basis. Would this type of diet be sinning against God and what he had intended for me to eat?

» I'm wondering what God thinks about abortion. Could you tell us what the 2011NIV says about that in Numbers 5: 21-31, as it's a highly recommended Bible and supported and sold by Northwestern Publishing House?

Heavenly Father, help us to share your gospel with all who have not heard. ~ Mission Prayer