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» I have a Baptist friend who is in a missionary role in Tamale, northern Ghana. The people there do not have many material possessions, and simple amenities that we take for granted are considered a "big deal." Recently my friend posted a picture of one of the villages in that area celebrating Communion. Instead of wine, they were using Coca-Cola because that is all the people had available to use. Doctrinal differences over the Lord's Supper aside, I was still a bit shocked by this and questioned my friend about it. She repeated to me that the soda was all they had to use, so they "make do." This situation got me thinking about our WELS missions in Africa and other remote areas. Do we run into this situation? How do we handle it? I assume that to remain confessional we make sure that the sacraments are administered correctly, even if that means we need to provide the earthly elements when/if the congregations or peoples are not able to themselves. Can you provide some insight? Thanks!

» Is engagement seen by God as marriage? If not, why does the Bible say Joseph was going to divorce Mary when she was found to be pregnant, even though they were only engaged at that point? Is it sinful to have sex during engagement?

» When the Bible talks about vain repetitions, what does that mean? Several times I have heard people say that the Lutheran liturgy is nothing but vain repetition. Thank you.

» Our son is totally messed up since leaving the military four years ago. The VA has done everything they possibly can to help him. He has an alcohol and drug problem and mental health issues. As of this last week, he is in jail on felony charges. We are at a loss of how to reach him. He seems so lost! I have tried to direct him back to his faith, but I am never sure if he is really listening. How can we help him?

» I am struggling with the current United States president. I have always respected our political process and voted my conscience. I see the unrest and apparent bigotry of the current administration and their appointees. I know that we are all sinful but it seems to me that Jesus led by example to feed the poor and care for the sick. How can we support someone who seems so unchristian in his attitude and policies? Are we expected to support the Republican Party simply because they don't believe in abortion, regardless of how they act in so many other areas?

» Has there ever been a time in the history of the Lutheran church that babies or young children were given Communion?

» Is there any scriptural evidence that says the Holy Spirit is a separate person from God the Father? What if the Holy Spirit is actually God the Father's soul, therefore the same person?

» Could you please provide a biblical evaluation of John Piper's Christian hedonism?

Faith is the firm trust that Christ stands in our place and is the eternal satisfaction for our sin and reconciles us with God the Father. ~ Martin Luther