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Daily Devotion

» Jesus is Our Humble Servant – January 18, 2019

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» God’s Choice – January 16, 2019

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Through My Bible In 3 Years

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – January 18

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – January 17

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – January 16

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Forward in Christ

» Trust in God provides relief from fear

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» Using Chrismons in Advent devotions

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» Conference of Presidents 2019 winter meeting

» Your gifts, God’s blessings 2019

» Announcing sixth annual WELS Night at Miller Park

Faith Related Q and A

» What are the possible questions for social issues?

» Is it okay to drink wine that is mixed with myrrh for flavor? I have heard that it tastes great, though I have heard some say you should not drink it because Jesus denied it when he was on the cross. I have heard others say you can drink it because there are are no dietary guidelines in the New Testament, and the reason Jesus denied it is because it would have taken away his suffering on the cross.

» I need information from WELS on the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.

» Is it okay to read for spiritual advice?

» Good morning. Can you please tell me if your church baptizes in Jesus' name?

» Is it okay for a Christian to celebrate their 21st birthday with alcoholic beverages, provided they do so in moderation?

So bright is the dawning of the Son, that Jew and Gentile alike gather to worship him who is born ruler of Judah and Shepherd of all Israel.