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Daily Devotion

» A Joyful Song for You – December 19, 2018

» Singing with Greater Joy – December 18, 2018

» Joy Versus Anxiety – December 17, 2018

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Through My Bible In 3 Years

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – December 19

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – December 18

» Through My Bible Yr 1 – December 17

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Forward in Christ

» Using Chrismons in Advent devotions

» Advent devotions keep family’s eyes on Jesus

» Seeing the Lord this Christmas

WELS Together Newsletter:

» Leaders of ELS, LCMS, and WELS meet

» An amazing mission opportunity: Grace—Hmong outreach in Vietnam

» One in Jesus in Asia-Oceania

Faith Related Q and A

» Where/does the Bible say the name of the place where Lucifer landed when he was cast out of paradise?

» What does it mean to share in the sufferings of Christ? Paul and Silas in prison "counted worthy"? Can you recommend a book?

» What is WELS' stand on donating to the red kettle Christmas for salvation? Is it OK for a WELS school to ask Salvation Army (SA) for names of families that we can provide for through school children's gifts? What if some of our school children already have received gifts from SA unbeknownst to our leaders, but those families never ask for help from our church.

» I was a WELS member while I attended different churches, prayed with people of many different denominations, took Communion at other churches, traveled throughout the United States as a speaker for Christian conferences, schools, and church events of different denominations. While I did struggle with guilt and shame for participating in those things at first, I continued to pray and ask God for wisdom and guidance. How is it possible that I felt so shameful and guilty while simply sharing the truth of the Gospel that I learned as a member of the WELS....and as I prayed and sought God in his Word I found that I was doing what was natural to me as a Christian go and tell all the world. In my experience, I find how the WELS interacts with other denominations by not interacting with other denominations bogus and not beneficial to kingdom building here on earth.

» Hello! I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I couldn't find another place. If my family has to leave the US for a year for work reasons, and the European country (British Isles) we go to does not have WELS, ELS, or CELC churches, is there still a chance that there might be a church/gathering we can go to that's in fellowship, or are those the only ones in fellowship? I know we'll be able to watch our home church's livestreaming, but we hoped to still be able to meet with other Christians, especially for Communion.

» Did Jesus actually drink wine? I have heard many say that Jesus drank grape juice, because the Greek word for wine can mean grape juice.

He (Jesus) is coming, bearing gifts. Let us prepare our hearts…and the hearts of others…to meet him ~ C18 Worship Resources