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Faith Related Q and A

» Is it biblical for parents to give more privileges and independence to boys than girls?

» Hello, sir. I was talking with my Roman Catholic girlfriend about the doctrine of Sola Scriptura this morning and she said, "If there are so many ways of looking at the Bible, how do you know which is correct?" I told her that you just let Scripture interpret Scripture, not our opinions. What would you have told her?

» I am a woman who has been pursuing a degree in mathematics at university with the intention of teaching it at a post-secondary level. It is most likely that I would end up teaching at a co-ed college or university. If I understand the Bible correctly, it is wrong for a woman to instruct adult males in regard to religious matters. Does this apply to secular subjects? Specifically, is it permissible for a Christian woman to instruct adults solely with regard to the subject of mathematics?

» Pastor, did WELS adopt the Catholic Old Testament readings after Vatican II or did you formulate your own?

» I have been a WELS member for 45 years. I am divorced but living with a male partner. I was asked to step down by my pastor from teaching Sunday School 3 years ago. I recently started regularly going back to my church. Due to my living arrangements and after 2 meetings with pastor and no intentions on getting married, pastor is asking me to refrain from receiving Holy Communion. He is not telling me to stop hearing the word of God at church but refrain from this. Can he tell a church member they cannot take Communion due to their sin?

» Is wearing a head covering in prayer/daily life (based on 1 Corinthians 11) for Lutheran women a personal choice?

» What is the most effective way to witness to my niece who lives with her boyfriend?

» When Christ said, It is finished, and we believe that he defeated sin, death and the devil, what is 1 Corinthians 15:24-26 referring to? Is not Christ preparing a place for us? Thank you for your time and consideration.

500 years later the wisdom of a humble monk still leads us to The Lamb.