Sermons: December 2015-November 2017
    January 4 - February 26, 2017: Epiphany
  • February 22&26 Last Sunday after the Epiphany--The Transfiguration of Our Lord:  "Behold Your Savior's Glory"
    February 15&19 Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany:  "Live Your Faith" 
    February 8&12 Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany:  "A Matter of Life and Death"
    February 1&5 Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany: "Remember Who You Are" 
    January 25&29 Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany: "We Are Weak, but God Is Strong"
    January 18&22  Third Sunday after the Epiphany:  "Jesus Brings Light Into Darkness"
    January 11&15 Second Sunday after the Epiphany:  "First Things First"
    January 4&8  First Sunday after the Epiphany; The Baptism of Our Lord: "Jesus Christ Is Lord of All
    November 27, 2016-January 1, 2017: Advent through Christmas
  • January 1 First Sunday after Christmas:  "Tell the World What the Lord Has Done"
    December 25 Christmas Day Song Service:  "The Song of a New Testament Believer"
    December 24 Candlelight Service:  "The Song of God's Heavenly Messengers"
    December 24 Children's Service:  "The Joys of Christmastide"
    December 14 Midweek Advent Service #3:  "The Song of Mary"
    December 11 Third Sunday of Advent:  "Wait for the Lord's Time"
    December 7 Midweek Advent Service #2:  "Zechariah's Advent Song"
    December 4  Second Sunday of Advent:  "Behold, A Branch is Growing"
    November 30 Midweek Advent Service #1:  "The Song of an Old Testament Believer"
    November 27 First Sunday of Advent:  "Are You Ready?"
    October 26, 2016-November 23, 2016: End Times; Reformation through Thanksgiving
  • November 23  Thanksgiving Eve:  "God Is Worthy of Our Thanskgiving"
    November 16&20 Last Sunday of End Time--Christ the King:  "The Victory is Ours for Christ Is Our King"
    November 9&13 Third Sunday of End Time--Saints Triumphant:  "Listen to God's Promise and Rejoice" 
    October 30 FIrst Sunday of End Time--Reformation Sunday:  "The Five Solas"

    October 26 First Sunday of End Time--Reformation Sunday:  "Righteous through Faith"

    May 25/29, 2016 - October 23, 2016: Season of Pentecost
  • October 19&23 Pentecost 23:  "How Can Anyone Be Sure of Salvation?"
    October 12&16 Pentecost 22:  "Proclaim God's Word"
    October 5&9 Pentecost 21:  "Serve God Alone"
    September 28&October 2 Pentecost 20:  "Live Your Faith"
    September 25 Pentecost 19:  50th Anniversary Celebration Service "By Grace We'll Keep Shining"
    September 21 Pentecost 19: 50th Anniversary Favorite Hymns Worship Service "A Shared Inheritance"
    September 14&18 Pentecost 18:  "God Wants All People to Be Saved"
    September 7&11 Pentecost 17:  "Christ Jesus Came Into the World to Save Sinners"
    August 31 & September 4  Pentecost 16:  "God's Definition of Wisdom"
    August 24&28  Pentecost 15:  "Upside Down Thinking"
    August 17&21 Pentecost 14:   "How Can Anyone Approach God?"
    August 10&14 Pentecost 13:  "Speak God's Word Faithfully"
    August 3&7 Pentecost 12:  "Be Ready"
    July 27&31 Pentecost 11:  "Put On the New Self"
    July 20&24 Pentecost 10:  "God Made You Alive in Christ"
    July 17 Pentecost 9:  "There's No Place Like Home"  Pastor David Wenzel, Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton
    July 13  Pentecost 9:  "The One Thing Needful"  Pastor Jesse Johnston, Mt. Calvary Menasha
    July 6&10   Pentecost 8:  "Rescued From Darkness"
    June 29 & July 3  Pentecost 7:  "Rejoice in the Lord"
    June 22&26  Pentecost 6:  "Don't Look Back"  
    June 15&19  Pentecost 5:  "Jesus Came for Sinners"
    June 8&12  Pentecost 4:  "A Matter of Life and Death"
    June 1&5   Pentecost 3:  "The Word of God is the Truth"
    May 25&29   Pentecost 2:  "Jesus Speaks About Faith"
    May 18&22   Pentecost 1 Trinity Sunday:  "Only the Triune God Can So Richly Bless Us"
    May 11&15   Pentecost Sunday:  "God's Language of Love"
    March 30/April 3, 2016 - May 4, 2016: Season of Easter through Ascension
  • May 4:  Ascension Eve "Jesus Is Above All Things"
    April 27 & May 1: Easter 6 Confirmation "Rejoice in the Glory That Awaits You"
    April 20 & 24: Easter 5 "Take the Message of Salvation to the Ends of the Earth"
    April 13 &17:  Easter 4 50th Anniversary "Fortifying Ourselves for the Lord's Work"
    April 6 & 10:  Easter 3 Mission Festival "God has Made You a Missionary"
    March 30 & April 3:  Easter 2  "Jesus Brings the Message of Peace"

    March 20, 2016 - March 27, 2016: Holy Week
  • March 27, Easter Festival Worship:  “Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead?”
    March 27, Easter Sunrise Worship:  “It’s Not the Way It Looked”
    March 25, Good Friday Worship: meditations on the seven words of Jesus from the cross
    March 20, Palm Sunday Worship:  “Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying?”
    February 10, 2016 - March 16, 2016: Lent
  • March 16:  Midweek 6  "Don't You Fear God?"  
    March 13:  Fifth Sunday in Lent  “There is One Treasure That Is Eternal”
    March 6:  Fourth Sunday in Lent  “Tell the World What the Lord Has Done”
    March 2:  Midweek 4  "He Had Been Wanting to See Jesus" 
    February 28:  Third Sunday in Lent  “Listen Carefully to God’s Warning”  
    February 21:  Second Sunday in Lent  “Home Is Where the Heart Is”  
    February 17:  Midweek 2  "It Is Better That One Man Die for the People" 
    February 14:  First Sunday in Lent  “Remember How the Lord Delivered You”
    February 10:  Ash Wednesday/Midweek 1  "This Man Went Home Justified" 
So bright is the dawning of the Son, that Jew and Gentile alike gather to worship him who is born ruler of Judah and Shepherd of all Israel.