Anytime Anywhere Bible Studies
The Life of Moses,  this six part Quick Study will introduce you to Moses,
an Old Testament believer that God used to deliver His people from slavery.  
It features NIV text, audio clips, and story illustrations.

Simply click on each image to complete your study of The Life of Moses,
   Part 1, Exodus 1,
Slaves in Egypt
Part 2, Exodus 2:1-22. 
Moses' Life in Egypt
   Part 3, Exodus 2:22 - 10:29. 
Moses' Call
Part 4, Exodus 11:1 - 14:10. 
Out of Egypt
Part 5, Exodus 14:10 - 31. 
Crossing the Red Sea
Part 6, Exodus & Numbers,
Law and Promises
God calls to mankind: Return to the Lord! The season of Lent leads the Church on a forty-­day journey of repentance and prayer.