Sermons: December 2015-November 2017
    January 4 - February 26, 2017: Epiphany
  • February 22&26 Last Sunday after the Epiphany--The Transfiguration of Our Lord:  "Behold Your Savior's Glory"
    February 15&19 Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany:  "Live Your Faith" 
    February 8&12 Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany:  "A Matter of Life and Death"
    February 1&5 Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany: "Remember Who You Are" 
    January 25&29 Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany: "We Are Weak, but God Is Strong"
    January 18&22  Third Sunday after the Epiphany:  "Jesus Brings Light Into Darkness"
    January 11&15 Second Sunday after the Epiphany:  "First Things First"
    January 4&8  First Sunday after the Epiphany; The Baptism of Our Lord: "Jesus Christ Is Lord of All
    November 27, 2016-January 1, 2017: Advent through Christmas
  • January 1 First Sunday after Christmas:  "Tell the World What the Lord Has Done"
    December 25 Christmas Day Song Service:  "The Song of a New Testament Believer"
    December 24 Candlelight Service:  "The Song of God's Heavenly Messengers"
    December 24 Children's Service:  "The Joys of Christmastide"
    December 14 Midweek Advent Service #3:  "The Song of Mary"
    December 11 Third Sunday of Advent:  "Wait for the Lord's Time"
    December 7 Midweek Advent Service #2:  "Zechariah's Advent Song"
    December 4  Second Sunday of Advent:  "Behold, A Branch is Growing"
    November 30 Midweek Advent Service #1:  "The Song of an Old Testament Believer"
    November 27 First Sunday of Advent:  "Are You Ready?"
    October 26, 2016-November 23, 2016: End Times; Reformation through Thanksgiving
  • November 23  Thanksgiving Eve:  "God Is Worthy of Our Thanskgiving"
    November 16&20 Last Sunday of End Time--Christ the King:  "The Victory is Ours for Christ Is Our King"
    November 9&13 Third Sunday of End Time--Saints Triumphant:  "Listen to God's Promise and Rejoice" 
    October 30 FIrst Sunday of End Time--Reformation Sunday:  "The Five Solas"

    October 26 First Sunday of End Time--Reformation Sunday:  "Righteous through Faith"

    May 25/29, 2016 - October 23, 2016: Season of Pentecost
  • October 19&23 Pentecost 23:  "How Can Anyone Be Sure of Salvation?"
    October 12&16 Pentecost 22:  "Proclaim God's Word"
    October 5&9 Pentecost 21:  "Serve God Alone"
    September 28&October 2 Pentecost 20:  "Live Your Faith"
    September 25 Pentecost 19:  50th Anniversary Celebration Service "By Grace We'll Keep Shining"
    September 21 Pentecost 19: 50th Anniversary Favorite Hymns Worship Service "A Shared Inheritance"
    September 14&18 Pentecost 18:  "God Wants All People to Be Saved"
    September 7&11 Pentecost 17:  "Christ Jesus Came Into the World to Save Sinners"
    August 31 & September 4  Pentecost 16:  "God's Definition of Wisdom"
    August 24&28  Pentecost 15:  "Upside Down Thinking"
    August 17&21 Pentecost 14:   "How Can Anyone Approach God?"
    August 10&14 Pentecost 13:  "Speak God's Word Faithfully"
    August 3&7 Pentecost 12:  "Be Ready"
    July 27&31 Pentecost 11:  "Put On the New Self"
    July 20&24 Pentecost 10:  "God Made You Alive in Christ"
    July 17 Pentecost 9:  "There's No Place Like Home"  Pastor David Wenzel, Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton
    July 13  Pentecost 9:  "The One Thing Needful"  Pastor Jesse Johnston, Mt. Calvary Menasha
    July 6&10   Pentecost 8:  "Rescued From Darkness"
    June 29 & July 3  Pentecost 7:  "Rejoice in the Lord"
    June 22&26  Pentecost 6:  "Don't Look Back"  
    June 15&19  Pentecost 5:  "Jesus Came for Sinners"
    June 8&12  Pentecost 4:  "A Matter of Life and Death"
    June 1&5   Pentecost 3:  "The Word of God is the Truth"
    May 25&29   Pentecost 2:  "Jesus Speaks About Faith"
    May 18&22   Pentecost 1 Trinity Sunday:  "Only the Triune God Can So Richly Bless Us"
    May 11&15   Pentecost Sunday:  "God's Language of Love"
    March 30/April 3, 2016 - May 4, 2016: Season of Easter through Ascension
  • May 4:  Ascension Eve "Jesus Is Above All Things"
    April 27 & May 1: Easter 6 Confirmation "Rejoice in the Glory That Awaits You"
    April 20 & 24: Easter 5 "Take the Message of Salvation to the Ends of the Earth"
    April 13 &17:  Easter 4 50th Anniversary "Fortifying Ourselves for the Lord's Work"
    April 6 & 10:  Easter 3 Mission Festival "God has Made You a Missionary"
    March 30 & April 3:  Easter 2  "Jesus Brings the Message of Peace"

    March 20, 2016 - March 27, 2016: Holy Week
  • March 27, Easter Festival Worship:  “Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead?”
    March 27, Easter Sunrise Worship:  “It’s Not the Way It Looked”
    March 25, Good Friday Worship: meditations on the seven words of Jesus from the cross
    March 20, Palm Sunday Worship:  “Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying?”
    February 10, 2016 - March 16, 2016: Lent
  • March 16:  Midweek 6  "Don't You Fear God?"  
    March 13:  Fifth Sunday in Lent  “There is One Treasure That Is Eternal”
    March 6:  Fourth Sunday in Lent  “Tell the World What the Lord Has Done”
    March 2:  Midweek 4  "He Had Been Wanting to See Jesus" 
    February 28:  Third Sunday in Lent  “Listen Carefully to God’s Warning”  
    February 21:  Second Sunday in Lent  “Home Is Where the Heart Is”  
    February 17:  Midweek 2  "It Is Better That One Man Die for the People" 
    February 14:  First Sunday in Lent  “Remember How the Lord Delivered You”
    February 10:  Ash Wednesday/Midweek 1  "This Man Went Home Justified" 
Lord, give us unwavering faith to trust your promise to control all things for the good of your Church. Amen. ~ NPH 2004