Worship and Fellowship

Our weekly worship schedule stays the same
Wednesday evening worship at 6:30,
Sunday morning worship at 9:00.

(see note below for Safer-at-Home info)
The sermons are recorded and posted on this website, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.


We have not heard if the licensing that was granted at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic is going to be extended past April 15. If the special free licensing is not extended, we can purchase a license that will allow us to post the complete service as we have been doing. We will do some research to learn how much it will cost to purchase the appropriate licensing and share the information with you. Perhaps the cost will be offset by the benefit of being able to post the complete service if that is the only way we can legally post the complete service. 

Update 5/21: 
The Church Council approved the purchase of the needed upgrades to licenses. Please be patient with us as we work our way through the new steps required to make this work as we comply with all the copyright laws. Work continues on the technical side as well.

See Pastor Szep's emails under the "Re-Opening" tab.


PENTECOST: Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit. (Joel 2, Acts 2)