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Daily Devotion

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Faith Related Q and A

» Hi, My question is about something that I have heard said by lots of Roman Catholic laypeople and priests. When they talk about the Sacrament (and I think this is also part of their portion of their version of the Words of Institution), they say "Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ." I understand that their whole understanding of Communion differs greatly from ours with their dogma of Transubstantiation. I'm just so confused, why they would say "soul and divinity"? I guess I could understand the divinity portion, because if we are receiving Christ's Body and Blood, his flesh is perfect, so it would be human and divine at the same time. Is that correct? But his "soul"? Did Jesus have during his time on earth/currently have a soul? I think of that as something all of us human creatures on earth and in Heaven have...I don't think of God as having a "soul." I understand Him as being the one who creates our souls when we are conceived. Do we believe or is it ever talked about in Scripture that Jesus had/has a soul?

» I have seen false teachings being preached and growing in the WELS. This not in the official doctrines or on WELS website but online. This is from pastors, leaders, and laymen. I think some have gotten away from the Lutheran Confessions and allowed growing ministries in WELS and outside WELS be the leaders in our thinking. This is not a hell fire law judgement but an observation from a concerned member. I personally dislike confrontation so keep silent, but there are issues and I am not alone in this concern. The biggest concerns are role of men and women, church worship enthusiasm, piety, communion, ministry gender roles, and growth without losing truth in purity. What can be done to stay strong to the Confessions as being correct interpretation of Scripture, yet not being swayed by culture, because I think we are?

» Does the doctrine of Universal Objective Justification mean that all people are justified before and apart from faith?

» What are your thoughts on Qanon? More importantly what about a WELS member who believes in Qanon?

» How do I explain to those who don't believe how the Bible was written? I recently tried to explain, but I did not do a very good job.

» Is it unchristian to not want to have children?

Lord, give us unwavering faith to trust your promise to control all things for the good of your Church. Amen. ~ NPH 2004