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Daily Devotion

» Self Denial – July 18, 2019

» Disgraced for Christ – July 17, 2019

» Faith Looks Ahead – July 16, 2019

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» Through My Bible Yr 2 – July 18

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – July 17

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – July 16

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» Silence or counsel?

» Oops! Grandma gave Garrett a sucker.

» Stand firm, even if it’s not popular

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» Synod convention begins July 29

» First Taste of Missions a success

» New seminary planned for Indonesia

Faith Related Q and A

» I've read several memoirs in which the authors publicly reveal detestable acts done by their parents. However, when I look into how to approach ‎Exodus 20:12, most Christian websites acknowledge the difficultly of this commandment, but stand by it, regardless of a parent's actions. What are your thoughts on publicly "dishonoring" one's parents by talking about terrible acts they've committed via memoir, TV interview, podcast, etc. - or even to a friend or in a therapy session? Bonus question: Should one honor both their biological and adoptive parents?

» My daughter is being thrown a baby shower for her second child without being married by the father's mother. What do I do? Do I attend? Just send something to the baby? I don't celebrate this. What does our faith say?

» What kind of comfort can you give someone when their loved one commits suicide and they were supposedly a believer?

» Can you please explain Hebrews 10:26? I always thought that the sacrifice of Jesus provided infinite forgiveness from sins. I heard a Lutheran say that the verse is speaking of apostasy to the faith, though am very confused by it. I am very confused by Hebrews 10:26, to the point of feeling despair because I feel like I am not good enough to go to heaven.

» If a person remarries after divorce outside of WELS faith, should they be buried next to their previous WELS spouse or more recent spouse? And does it even matter?

» Will we know others as our relatives and friends in heaven?

The love of Christ remains our constant strength, comfort, and hope as we remain firm in the faith. ~ Joel Gawrisch