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Daily Devotion

» Plan Ahead – November 17, 2019

» The Purpose of Christianity – November 16, 2019

» Riding on His Coattails – November 15, 2019

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Through My Bible In 3 Years

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – November 17

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – November 16

» Through My Bible Yr 2 – November 15

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Forward in Christ

» Readers respond: What’s your best parenting advice?

» How involved should parents be in a child’s homework?

» Singing the homework blues

WELS Together Newsletter:

» Announcing changes in East Asia mission field

» Synodical Council holds fall 2019 meeting

» Rev. Richard Gurgel accepts call to serve as MLC president

Faith Related Q and A

» If a person refuses life-saving medical treatment, would it be considered suicide?

» In the recent answer about fellowship and Communion (question was from an AALC member), the response included the words “closed communion.” I am a lifelong WELS member, and have been taught that we observe “close” not closed communion. Which is correct?

» If a person wishes to transfer membership to a different WELS church from their current WELS church, who decides if they can transfer? I know we vote on transfers in our voters' meetings. Does a person just request to transfer to the church president and leadership which then allows it to be voted on or, does it have to get approved by the pastor before a congregational vote?

» My friend wants to come to check out our church as she is thinking of switching synods, but she wants to know what is appropriate attire for a service.

» Can my WELS pastor marry my fiance and me at a different venue? I am considering having my reception at a place that is a 2-hour drive from my church and would like to have the ceremony closer to the venue. Would my pastor be able to marry us? Or would I need to find someone else to do the ceremony?

» For those who are not predestined, what is their goal or purpose on earth? And what hope do they have to look forward to if they were not chosen to be saved? What if I was not elect? What am I supposed to do?

Followers of Christ find true treasure in trusting God’s promises. ~ Joel Gawrisch