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Daily Devotion

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» Through My Bible Yr 3 – February 19

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» Full-time director for WELS Christian Aid and Relief

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Faith Related Q and A

» I listen to VCY and other religious TV shows, YouTube videos, etc. I hear a lot of things like, you can't lose your salvation, the rapture, and other things that are opposite of WELS teaching and beliefs. How is that there can be so many scholars (either well known or late in their years studying the Bible for a whole lifetime ) that agree on most subjects, and yet a small group, like the WELS that teaches differently? Are we to believe that only the WELS/ELS has the correct answers to correct and proper biblical interpretation? Thank you and God bless.

» What is the truth, if any, on this post that is currently making the rounds on Facebook? "In one night, in response to Luther's anti-Semitic sermon, synagogues were burned to the ground and over 2000 Jews were slaughtered." A friend posted this and would like to respond intelligently with what is or isn't true about this, citing historical facts if possible. Thanks.

» Our mother recently passed away. She believed in Jesus as her Savior, so we know her soul is in heaven with Him. We miss her terribly but rejoice for the end of her earthly suffering and the beginning of her eternal joy. Is it inappropriate or otherwise questionable for us to pray to Jesus to let our mom know how much we love her, miss her, and look forward to seeing her again in heaven?

» I understand that as a woman I am not to have authority over men in the church. What I don't understand is why women can't have the same level of education men receive at seminary in order to hold a position in the church to teach and counsel other women. Women in the church are often not comfortable going to a male pastor with questions and life situations that men do not have an understanding of like a woman does. Thank you for your time.

» Is engagement tantamount to marriage?

» How long has Apacheland been a World Mission? When did they celebrate their latest mission anniversary?

Followers of Christ find true treasure in trusting God’s promises. ~ Joel Gawrisch