WELS United

August 9:
Pantry Sunday


A note from the AVFP Communicator:
The outpouring of love for those in need has been wonderful since this event started several months ago.  We have been blessed beyond words with the donations of food and monetary gifts that our congregations have given us for the support of our pantry recipients. Thank you!

Our thanks also to retiring board members
Ron Maurice (V-P) and Jackie Luehring (Secretary)
for their many years of service.

The pantry is also mourning the loss of two
faithful long-time volunteers, Mrs. F and Mr. L.
The Lord has taken them both to be with Him.
Their steadfast service at the pantry will be missed, but we rejoice in their joining the Saints Triumphant. Our condolences to their families.

Place donations under the pantry banner in the narthex.
Monetary donations also accepted.  Make checks payable to AVFP.
(You may mail it directly to the pantry at
129 S. Mason St. Appleton WI 54914 or
drop it in the offering plate.)

Items needed this month include (but are not limited to)  

healthy cereals like Cheerios, Rice Chex, etc.,
crackers, cookies,
toilet paper,
paper towel, napkins,
hand pump soaps, dish soap and laundry soaps.


(also in need of clean paper grocery bags with two good handles)

For those of you who shop Amazon.com, check out the pantry wishlist that St. Luke has created. Order an item off the wishlist and Amazon will deliver it to St. Luke's to be included in our monthly collection.  

Go to smile.amazon.com and look for St. Luke Lutheran Church, Little Chute WI



Questions/Comments: contact an AVFP Board Member
E-mail:  applevalleyfoodpantry@aol.com


The Hope Center provides support to assist families with
making positive, life-affirming choices.

The Hope Center is currently asking for cash donations as storage space at the center is limited.

Give us unwavering faith to trust your promise to control all things for the good of your Church. ~ NPH 2004